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What can you expect during the first meeting?

Visual guidance begins with an introductory session. An appointment is made through an online calendar, by phone or email. The introductory session consists of a conversation, making a drawing and explaining the procedure. If there is mutual agreement, you will receive an application form, followed by a global action plan. In each consultation, we review what is feasible and what needs attention.

A personalized approach

Action plan

Individually or with families, I work in the form of 6, 9 or 12 month courses. Commitment to commitment is important, as it is a product to work with yourself it is necessary to budget "time for yourself". I help with this by working in the form of courses. I know from experience that loose sessions have little commitment, in our very busy lives we are quick to put something aside - usually ourselves, sometimes thinking it's something done in our spare time. While personal well-being underlies everything: physical and mental health, a loving family, and professional success.

Each session is based on a question/exploration. The question is followed by a corresponding visual assignment. The completed artwork is central to the consultation and gives clues through the language of drawing. My role is to help the client read it, I do this by asking open-ended questions. In this way, something from the unconscious can be noticed and brought into the dimension of consciousness. Insights emerge from the conversation. We gather them and then look at how they can be used in everyday life. The client goes home with practical tools.

I work with a variety of creative materials of professional quality only: crayons, pastels, charcoal, oil pastels, wax blocks, collage magazines, ecoline, vegetable paints and natural clay. I also work with a variety of techniques: drawing, painting, sculpting, body work, voice dialogue, role play, voice work, relaxation exercises, visualization and guided meditation.

General conditions

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Discover the powerful force of therapy at Atelieeeer Przystanek Gronówka. Don't delay any longer to experience the soothing effects of the artecoaching method. I will help you discover art as a tool for expressing feelings, managing stress and exploring your inner world. Begin your journey toward deeper self-understanding, personal growth and emotional harmony. Make an appointment for your first session now!

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