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I, Joanna born Poznanska, a scientific traveller settled in 2020 after 25 years in the Netherlands and the world in the Lubuskie countryside to fulfill a dream. I am a mom of three wonderful children in homeschooling from 2020/21. The children are bilingual Dutch-Polish. This dream is to build with my own hands with a partner a permaculture organic and educational farm with Nubian goats and horses.

I am an advocate of natural, sustainable living with respect for the resources of the planet and people. I know how to count, I have a Ph.D. in Economic Sciences and a teaching qualification from Universities in the Netherlands. I am a consultant for Economics of the Common Good (ECG,www.Ecogood.org) and in this regard I create a sustainable balance sheet of results for the organization, in which money is a means and not an end in itself. It was the challenges in conveying the idea of sustainability and a different perception of profit that led me to meet the art of drawing.

Starting in 2020, I am a certified art therapist, i.e. with the help of workshops and individual sessions, I help people discover their own natural path through drawing, painting and working with clay. As a member of The American Art Therapy Association I promote art therapy as a process of creating and enhancing the well-being of people of all ages (physical, mental and emotional well-being).

The point is not to draw or paint beautifully, but to deepen perception, the quality of observation (of oneself and others)

- Wassily Kandinsky

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In my projects with students and entrepreneurs, it seemed that the process of defining, for example, a problem or question was often "bogged down" in words, in ready-made perceptual patterns. That's when, for the first time, I used drawing to try to "bypass" prevailing patterns, stereotypes and ready-made schemes.

I asked the group to have each member individually look out the window and draw what they see with whatever was at hand, pen, pencil, marker. The results were astonishing. Everyone looked through the same window outside at the same elements of the outside world, but their interpretations shown in the drawings varied significantly, ranging from a single line drawn in a quick short single movement by a person who didn't want to draw and considered it a ridiculous task in business training, to drawings of single elements from technical diagrams to artistic interpretations of a tree or bush, to complete maps of paths with bicycles and people between landscape elements. There were also drawings that depicted elements that no one else had seen i.e. attached creative expansions of the landscape such as squirrels in a tree. While discussing the created images in groups, a very heated discussion developed about the surprise of how differently we perceive reality, while we often talk about it similarly. The realization of these differences had in itself a soothing effect on the problem the group had to solve, and also influenced a whole new outlook on the group members: ah you see all the details - maybe you will take up tasks in the project that will allow you to use this talent.

And it intrigued me so much as a workshop leader that I wanted to know more and started a postgraduate course in drawing therapy.

Unveil the Potential of Drawing

Art therapy is based on the premise that the creative process for self-expression helps people resolve problems and conflicts, develop interpersonal skills, manage their own behavior, reduce stress, raise self-esteem and self-awareness, and achieve insight. Art therapy in this sense integrates different fields of human development; it combines visual arts (drawing, painting, sculpture and other visual forms) and knowledge of the creative process with models of personal counseling and psychotherapy (Malchiodi, 2006). I use art therapy in personal coaching by combining it with elements of systemic coaching.


Confirmation of Professional Quality

I am proud to serve as a certified art therapy coach, offering to help people on their journey of self-discovery and stress management. My job is to provide support, guidance and enable self-expression through art, which is extremely rewarding and passionate.

Art therapy is not only my job, but above all a passion. It enables me to help others find their way to themselves through creative activities.


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