Drawing skills are not needed, the desire to express yourself visually is completely sufficient!

The goal is to develop and expand one's own expressivity. The result is a personal visual language that serves as a means of communication with one's own subconscious. From there, a translation is made into the professional field, which can have a continuation in one's own career. In this hands-on academy, we work with the hands and body, where the connection between the inner world and the outer world becomes apparent in visual work, the most important learning to respect and reflect on one's own work and that of others. In addition, we pay attention to didactics, drawing methodology and learning to read the language of drawing. We practice asking questions and translating this information into an actual life situation.

For Whom

Youth, adults and seniors in a group of min 4 and max 8 people


Personal development, broadening horizons, transformation, finding or changing a path in one's career or personal life.

Included in the price

All materials, Vegetarian lunch and sugar-free drinks included.


Atelieeeer Przystanek Gronówka

Price list

A year-long (10 months from the end of September to the end of June) series of 12 four-hour sessions of journeys into oneself through drawing, painting, sculpting, rhythm, music and theater.

  • In Atelieeeer: 6400 zł / person year

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