A closer look at my work and the atmosphere at Atelieeeer

Artecoaching Atelieeeer is full of inspiring artwork and photos. Here you can discover unique works of art that reflect the journey and personal growth. The gallery showcases a variety of techniques and styles, including painting therapy using natural paints. You can admire the beauty and depth of artistic expression that accompany the sessions. Immerse yourself in our gallery and experience the power of art.


Browse through a portfolio that includes a wide range of works created by clients during sessions. See how art can be used as a tool to express emotions and thoughts.

Sessions in Practice

Take a look at the session photo gallery to see what a session looks like from the inside out. Discover the variety of techniques and approaches she uses to customize therapy for each client.

My refuge of peace

Discover an oasis of calm at Atelieeeer Przystanek Gronówka.

Discover the Power of ARTECoaching

Use art as a tool to express feelings, cope with difficulties and discover your inner self. at Atelieeeer Przystanek Gronówka. Join and begin your journey towards self-discovery, personal growth and emotional harmony. Sign up for your first session now!


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