Drawing skills are not needed, the desire to express yourself visually is completely sufficient!

Self-discovery, growth and transformation: privately and professionally. Who am I? What position, role do I occupy in the group? How can I change myself? What do I want? What are the goals of the group? What is the root of the problem? What are the perceptions of the issues? Who do I want to be in the organization? What is self-love? How to "awaken" intrinsic motivation? How to interact with others? Moral aspects and cooperation with a stakeholder group are also potential issues to work on.

For Whom

For students, faculty, staff, management, NGOs, HR, business, schools, universities


The goal may be to strengthen communication, spark creativity, foster teamwork, solve problems, define team roles, find your place in the group/community, implement sustainability

Included in the price

All materials, artwork made during the class during the meetings, interpretation of the drawing , sugar-free drinks and healthy snacks at Atelieeeer


Atelieeeer Przystanek Gronówka min 3 max 8 people
At the customer's place max 12 people

Price list

Workshops (from 3-6 hours) 


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