Artecoaching: Not for Me – I Can't Draw!

Graphic collage for 'Przystanek Gronówka' featuring a Vincent van Gogh quote about overcoming inner doubts through creative expression, highlighted by a yellow paint blot and elements of visual art.

That's good, you are perfectly suitable! ArteCoaching at Atelier Przystanek Gronówka is for those who can't draw. And if they can because they have the education, self-taught knowledge, or experience, more work will be needed with these individuals before they can utilize the potential of art in self-development. For them, the following won't work immediately due to learned patterns that may block the free expression of the subconscious.

The quote, 'If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced,' is often attributed to Vincent van Gogh, the renowned Dutch painter. Although the exact origin of the quote is a matter of debate, the sentiment reflects the idea of overcoming doubt and the inner criticism of the ego through action and self-expression.

The idea of overcoming doubt and internal criticism through action and self-expression is rooted in the belief that engaging in creative activities and expressing oneself is an effective tool for personal development and has a soothing, even healing effect.

Personal Development and Self-Discovery

Overcoming self-doubt through creative expression can lead to personal growth and self-awareness. It's a continuous journey where you learn more about yourself, your strengths, and your resilience.

Silencing the Inner Critic

By actively engaging in creative expression, we step out of our comfort zone. It may turn out that the act of creation itself silences the internal critical voice. As we immerse ourselves in the process, we stop being preoccupied with self-assessment and focus more on the present moment and the act of creation.


The creative process is transformative, we rediscover ourselves anew, like 'I enjoy drawing circles, but I don't like triangles,' which also says something about my personality. Or what I created looks like art from a gallery - I didn't know I had talent, or drawing releases tensions in my body, I feel relaxed. We utilize our innate resilience and find innovative solutions to problems. It's a way of discovering and expressing one's own identity and potential.

Building Self-Confidence

Taking action and creating something, whether it's a work of art, a sculpture, or any other form of expression, can contribute to building self-confidence. The act of creation itself, regardless of the perceived level of skill, becomes a source of pride and fulfilment.

Strengthening Personal Agency through Action

Taking action, even in the face of doubt or reluctance – I can't, I'm not capable: is a key step towards strengthening oneself. By actively engaging, especially in activities that require self-expression, individuals can free themselves from the paralysis of doubt and gain a sense of agency over their thoughts and feelings.

Creative Expression as Liberation

Engaging in creative activities, such as drawing, painting, sculpting, provides an outlet for emotions and thoughts. This form of self-expression can serve as a release valve, allowing individuals to channel their inner struggles into a tangible and external form. And as a result, sleep peacefully.

A set of drawings made during art therapy workshops at 'Przystanek Gronówka', depicting a tree, a globe with energy waves, a delicate sketch with flowers and a colourful insect, reflecting the creative process and the expression of emotions through art.

Whether we draw, paint, sculpt, sing, or engage in any other form of creative expression, the process itself becomes a means of self-discovery and personal empowerment. Such an approach is in line with therapeutic principles, and many forms of therapy, including art therapy, utilize creative expression as a tool for healing and self-awareness. The act of creating art is a transformative and healing process, helping individuals to confront and overcome internal barriers, activate soothing actions, and even initiate the process of healing.

Inspirational quote at 'Przystanek Gronówka' about the power of art in the process of transformation and healing, displayed against a background of metallic, golden streaks with a heart symbolizing love for art and self-healing.

So, if someone hesitates or doubts their ability to draw, or engage in any creative activity, the advice in this blog is to do it anyway. Taking this step can lead to a change in mindset, building self-confidence, and silencing the self-critical voice. It underscores the importance of overcoming perceived limitations and utilizing the potential of personal development through creative expression.

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